Malawi: Foot and mouth disease spreads as Malawi has no vaccine

Afrique en Ligne (October 19, 2011) | At least 70,000 heads of cattle in the cattle heartland of the Lower Shire Valley of Malawi are at risk as an outbreak of the livestock Foot and Mouth disease is spreading fast in the area. And, according to Dr. Ben Chimera, the acting Head of Animal Health Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Malawi has not vaccine to contain the spread of the disease. ‘We have ordered a consignment from Botswana and we expect it to arrive in the country by next week,’ he said. Dr. Chimera said the disease, first noted in the eastern side of Chikhwawa district – some 50 kilometres from Blantyre, a fortnight ago, has started spreading to other parts of the Lower Shire.