High prices to limit growth in world 2011/12 coarse grain use

Dairy Herd Network (May 15, 2011) | Global coarse grain use in 2011/12 is projected to increase 1.8 percent to 1,142.8 million tons. This is a faster rate of growth than in 2010/11, when total use is estimated up 1.3 percent and global feed and residual use is forecast to actually decline. In 2011/12, feed use is projected up 1.5 percent to 657.6 million tons. World wheat feed use is expected to increase 1.1 percent from relatively high levels in 2010/11, limiting the growth in coarse grain feeding. However, strong meat prices, supported by increased meat trade and global economic growth, are maintaining the profitability of feeding grain to animals despite the high level of feed grain prices.