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Weed Management for Pastures and Hayfields

Jonathan Green
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WVU Extension Service
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The session is part of the 2021 Agriculture Educational Webinar Series, which is hosted by the WVU Extension Service.

Basic reasons why weed problems develop and progress in grazed pastures and hayfields will be discussed along with some of the more common weeds found in these forage production systems. Integrated control strategies, including nonchemical and chemical control methods, will be emphasized to tackle some examples of the more troublesome weeds.

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North America
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Land / Water / Resource Management
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United States

Jonathan Green

Extension Weed Scientist, University of Kentucky

JD Green began his professional career at the University of Kentucky, where he has over 34 years of experience as an Extension Weed Scientist. His major job responsibilities include developing and disseminating weed control strategies that impact Kentucky’s major field and forage crops. Green’s research has focused on weed control strategies to deal with troublesome weeds that affect these agricultural land uses.

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