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Nitrogen Challenges in Agri-food systems: Halve Nitrogen Waste by 2030

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
United Nations Environment Programme
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Nitrogen is abundant in the atmosphere, land and water and is a crucial element for building structures of living organisms. However, the excessive and inadequate use of nitrogen in agriculture has major negative impacts on people and the planet. To address global warming and protect biodiversity, it is vital to manage reactive nitrogen more efficiently.

Some farmers around the world are already applying technical solutions and good practices to reduce excessive nitrogen losses from agri-food systems. Designing policies to support the integration of crop and livestock production and to incentivize farmers on the adoption of best management practices can also enhance nitrogen use efficiency and reduce pollution in agri-food systems.

This webinar will focus on the nitrogen challenges and potential technical solutions and policies in agri-food systems and highlight the ongoing efforts to better manage nitrogen. It will provide an opportunity to learn about the multiple roles of nitrogen in agri-food systems and on how different stakeholders can help to achieve sustainable nitrogen management.

Evgeniya Soldatova
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