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Grazing Management

Jeff Lehmkuhler
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WVU Extension Service
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About the webinar
The session is part of the 2021 Agriculture Educational Webinar Series, which is hosted by the WVU Extension Service.

Managing grazing livestock can provide benefits to the forage system through improved forage utilization, increased stocking rates and better manure nutrient distribution. Additionally, winter feeding can be challenging under current climate conditions. Alternative feeding approaches have the potential to reduce soil damage and provide fertility to fields. This webinar discussion will highlight applied grazing management approaches and alternative winter feeding strategies.

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North America
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Land / Water / Resource Management
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United States

Jeff Lehmkuhler

Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, University of Kentucky

Jeff Lehmkuhler was the Beef Extension Specialist at the University of Wisconsin from 2001 to 2008. He has been Extension Beef Cattle Specialist at the University of Kentucky since 2008, where he is a co-chair of the Master Grazer program committee, which delivers the Kentucky Grazing School, Advanced Grazing School, Lengthening the Grazing Season sessions and on-farm pasture management demonstrations.

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