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Fighting fires with rice paddies in Sierra Leone

Athur Mabiso, Asti Asoka, Oliver Mundy
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International Fund for Agricultural Development
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Farmers supported by the IFAD-funded Smallholder Commercialization Programme have shifted from slash-and-burn cultivation to rice cultivation in inland swamps. That is reducing the number of forest fires.

This webinar will present the GIS study that found this out. The speakers will present the background on the study, its setup as well as the GIS and economic analysis carried out.

This study was part of the GeoM&E Innovation Challenge, an initiative aiming to integrate GIS into monitoring and evaluation systems. The initiative is part of the IFAD’s Innovation Challenge Programme led by IFAD’s Change Delivery and Innovation Unit (CDI).

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Focus Region:
Sub-Saharan Africa
Focus Topic:
Climate / Weather / Environment
Information Technologies
Focus Country:
Sierra Leone
About the speakers

Athur Mabiso

Senior Technical Specialist (Economist), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Athur Mabiso conducts impact assessments of IFAD projects and research on a variety of topics in development economics. Currently, he co-leads the GeoM&E Innovation Challenge project at IFAD. Athur has more than 10 years research experience in the areas of agricultural policy, rural investments, food security, health and nutrition. He holds a PhD in agricultural economics from Michigan State University, a Master’s in food and resource economics from the University of Florida and a BSc with honors in agriculture from the University of Zimbabwe.

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Asti Asoka

GIS Consultant

A GIS consultant in several environmental organisations and UN agencies, Asti Asoka holds a degree in geography and is interested in environmental issues, humanitarian response, cadastral survey and participatory mapping. She is one of the GIS consultants for the GeoM&E initiative working on spatial data referencing and analysis. Currently, she is exploring how to apply GIS in sustainable fishing.

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Oliver Mundy

Independent Consultant

Oliver Mundy describes himself as a generalist passionate about linking various disciplines. He holds degrees in geography and environmental management. Together with Athur, he is co-leading the GeoM&E initiative. Oliver is also facilitating IFAD’s community of practice for geospatial applications. Prior to IFAD, Oliver worked in FAO on pastoralism.

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