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Can communities of policy practice spur food systems innovation? Informing national food system transformations

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CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets
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Transforming food systems will require disrupting technical and institutional arrangements currently in place to allow innovation to emerge. Bringing researchers, policy makers and influencers and diverse stakeholders together into communities of policy practice (CoPPs) facilitates conversation, network building and joint activities and approaches to transform food systems. The CGIAR Research Initiative on National Policy Systems is a new One CGIAR initiative co-created with national and international partners and working at national and subnational levels in six countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. One of the strategic tools that NPS will apply in responding to policy crises is the establishment of Communities of Policy Practice as platforms for strengthening policy coherence, sharing research evidence and integrating policy tools at all levels.

We invite you to join this discussion on opportunities as well as challenges in bringing together CoPPs, the role of CoPPs in bridging the gap between research and policy making to help inform evidence-based policy decisions, and a sharing of best CoPP practices. This session will explore the informal and formal ways researchers can involve communities of practice as social learning spaces that can transform food systems by providing novel spaces for researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to share and generate knowledge through conversation, network building, and joint activities.

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Nutrition / Food Systems