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Paraguay Agricultural Sector Risk Assessment: From Identification to Action Plan

Mario Leon, Diego Arias
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Accounting for 30% of its GDP and 40% of its exports, agriculture is a key sector of the Paraguayan economy. Thus agriculture risks have extensive repercussions on economic growth, public finances, and the development of agriculture supply chains and rural poverty. Paraguay loses approximately $237 million on average every year, or 5.4% of agriculture GDP, due to production risks that could be managed along the main agriculture supply chains. Following a request by the Government of Paraguay, the World Bank conducted the Agricultural Sector Risk Assessment in Paraguay (Download the PDF). The study aimed at identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing agriculture risks, as well as proposing solutions for reducing the volatility of agriculture output and incomes of family farmers.


Mario Leon

Mario Leon is the Vice Minister of Agriculture of Paraguay

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Diego Arias

Diego Arias, Senior Agriculture Economist for the World bank provided some background on the agriculture risk assessment.

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