Sylvie Avallone

Professor and Researcher @National Institute for Further Education in Agricultural Science (Sup Agro)

Sylvie Avallone is a Professor at the Institut Agro and Deputy Director of the Institute for Higher Education in Tropical Agri-Food Sciences. She is a member of the scientific committee of the UNESCO Chair “World Food Systems” and researcher of the Joint Unit Research “QualiSud”. She has extensive experience of research on the capacity of natural resources, traditional recipes and fortified food to improve micronutrient status of vulnerable population. She has worked with various types of food systems stakeholders, such as Non-Governmental Organizations, UNICEF, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the private sector. She holds a PhD in Food Sciences and has published a number of papers in peer reviewed journals in the field of food quality within the supply chain. Ms Avallone is involved in European projects to strengthen Universities in their capacity to address sustainability issues and particularly food quality and food sector development.