Sebastián Pedraza Paez

Member Steering Committee, Young Professionals for Agricultural Development Network (YPARD)

Sebastian is a Colombian youth leader who has relevant experience in rural youth issues. He is a graduate with an Associate Degree in ICT from SENA and currently finishing an Associate Degree in Music Production from  Latin American professional audio foundation Center. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political science and public management from the International  University of La Rioja and has carried out several studies in the development of projects and public policies.

Sebastian currently works in Apoyar Foundation and the Jovenes Emprendedores Association (Asoje)  in Colombia, where he is an advisor in the management and formulation of projects. Since its creation and for the last six years, he is a board member and member of the communications team of the National Rural Youth Network of Colombia.

For more than seven years, he has participated in the formulation and implementation of different projects that contribute to social and rural development in different parts of Colombia and in some countries in Latin America.