Rob Baan

Rob Baan (Haarlem, 1956) has been the owner of Koppert Cress, a microgreens company, since 2002. “We come up with the best flavors by exploring nature and cultures of various countries.” These flavors are used by the world’s leading restaurants. Koppert Cress is a successful company that does everything it can to continuously innovate. The greenhouses in the Westland are therefore among the most modern and most sustainable constructions in global horticulture. Before working on cress, Rob Baan worked as a horticultural all-rounder in over 70 countries around the world. What drives Rob is finding and comprehending the essence of the matter, wanting to understand a culture and looking for solutions. He now uses his accumulated knowledge to explain the logic behind fresh food to the consumer as the best and most natural source of health. His fresh and insightful look at the food industry makes him a unique and valuable expert in the field of food and health.