Rahma Hassan

PhD Fellow, University of Copenhagen and University of Nairobi

Rahma Hassan is a PhD fellow at the University of Copenhagen and University of Nairobi. She is interested in social development research and specifically in the field of governance, gender and human rights. She has conducted individually and in teams various research studies for various development agencies as well engaged in enhancing citizen’s involvement in governance work. She has worked in Research and Development projects for the last Ten years. Rahma has been actively been involved in human rights works and engaging discussions around devolution, electoral processes, and inclusion.

Rahma holds a Master of Arts degree from University Nairobi (Institute for Development Studies) and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Nairobi, Department of Sociology and Social Work. Rahma has a passion evidence based work and research for development as well social justice and Civic engagement.

PhD project Title: Land rights, Community Land Act and Social Dynamics among pastoralist communities in Kenya. The study aims to yields new knowledge on land rights and adaptation strategies among pastoralist communities in Kenya and directly contributes to the practical aspects of the legal frameworks in Kenya and their effective implementation.