Mr. Roberto Granja

Mr.Roberto Granja, Project Manager and Sustainability – Latin America and the Caribbean of Transmar Group. Mr. Granja has worked on a variety of agricultural commodities, such as bananas, cacao, shrimp, cattle and timber during his professional career. He also worked for Bayer, where he managed the promotion of plant protection products for a variety of crops in the southeastern United States. Mr. Granja joined Transmar Group four years ago and has been working on sustainability projects in Latin America, related to purchases of cocoa in the interior, the establishment of cocoa networks and the development of professionalization programs for cocoa farmers. Mr. Granja has a degree in Agricultural and Livestock Engineering from ESPOL, Ecuador, and a Bachelor of Agricultural Operations Management from the University of Florida. Mr. Granja also has an MBA and a Master’s degree in agricultural economics, both from the University of Florida. His research during the Master’s program focused on the use of bio-waste to produce second-generation biofuels.