Meiny Prins

Meiny Prins is CEO and co-owner of Priva. She devotes a great part of her life to promoting sustainability, innovation and internationalization. Meiny is a much sought-after authority in this field. With her clear, inspirational message on sustainability, she bridges the gap between companies, governments and sectors. Meiny Prins is member of the Committee for Entrepreneurship and Finance in The Netherlands. In her position of CEO, she was proclaimed Business Woman of the Year. In 2009, Priva was awarded with the first CleanTech Star of WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Meiny is an honored alumnus of the Erasmus University and she was acknowledged as an Influential Leader for sustainability by AACSB International in 2015. Meiny emphasizes that an integrated approach is the key to creating a Sustainable Urban Delta, starting with integrating green belts (where food for the city is produced) into urbanized areas. With her ideas on how to deal with food production and urbanization, she explains that inhabitants of rapidly growing metropolises would not only have access to healthy and safe food; if the green belt (or urban growth boundary) and food production are included as an integral part of major urban developments, they would also be able to enjoy a living and working environment with clean air, clean energy and safe drinking water. Local food production will be an inspiring and important part of the circular economy. To inspire city governments, mayors, architects, city planners, entrepreneurs and individuals for re-thinking the development of cities, by creating space for food production for the people of the city, Meiny founded the Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation. The foundation aims to become a community where those who seek to share ideas and specific needs for sustainable initiatives connect. She believes that this will create new opportunities on a social, ecological and economic level, solving many of today’s environmental problems caused by food production.