Leslie Salazar

Born in the city of Oruro, Bolivia, Auditor, specialist in social projects and economic development management. Volunteer and activist on childrenĀ“s rights and empowerment of Bolivian women.

For 14 years, through Grupo Santillana, Mrs. Salazar has encouraged and promoted the habit of reading in children and youth as a way to generate equal opportunities. Her efforts reached not only the main cities of Bolivia, but also rural areas. Furthermore, she worked for the international cooperation in different projects, based in social and education topics.

In 2018 Mrs. Salazar accepted the general management of the Departmental Book Chamber in La Paz, which, for the first time opened up a space for gastronomy and literature, where writers and chefs found the same opportunity to speak about identity, inheritance, knowledge and flavors. Starting from here, her career took an unexpected turn, as she engaged with the economic development of regional kitchens and gastronomy.

Currently, Mrs. Salazar is the Executive Director of the Bolivian Movement for the Integration of Gastronomy (MIGA), main articulator of gastronomic key actors throughout the country, where she leads events such as the prize to the chronicles from the kitchen, the first virtual Tambo, hackathon, among others and with her team is permanently developing innovative programs.

Is one of the faces of women that promotes the revaluation of local products, enhancing the Bolivian pride and the rescue of the ancestral flavors.