Kisan Gunjal

Global Food Security Expert | Senior International Consultant

Dr Kisan Gunjal has been working as Senior International Consultant for IFAD, FAO, and WFP. Some of the high-profile assignments that he covered include – food security implications of Ebola, the impact of El Niño, development of four e-learning courses on Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) for FAO/IFAD, and support in the preparation of ECA Regional SOFI 2020. He is currently working with FAO-RAF on impact of COVID-19 on Africa, and Risk Mapping in Africa for ARM. He also worked as a Consultant with the World Bank on Ethiopia and Mongolia. Kisan leads the NGO iREAMDev-Canada and India and is considered a leading authority on global food security. He taught at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, for 20 years and served as Food Security Economist for FAO’s Global Information and Early Warning System for 12 years.