Kim Andersson

Kim Andersson holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure and has been a researcher at SEI since 2011.

Kim has been connected professionally to the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) since 2005, through the Ecological Sanitation Research Programme, and has during an extensive time being based in Mexico and Colombia. He has wide experience of the different fields of environmental engineering, where one of his specialties is reuse-oriented water and sanitation management.

Kim has been working with both research and practice, in themes such as: environmental impact assessments, water governance, Integrated Water Resource Management, water and sanitation development, capacity building activities in sustainable sanitation, and contaminated soil and water. His professional experience includes working in Europe, Latin America, Asia and more recently in Africa, in urban, rural and ethnic minorities settings.

He started off as an environmental consultant, before entering into the area of research and development. Prior to working at SEI he was working as a researcher at the Cinara Institute at the Valle University in Colombia.

Currently, he leads the SEI Initiative on Sustainable Sanitation. He is also involved in other ongoing projects such as the REVAMP tool and developing the Knowledge Management Platform of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance.