Angie Dazé

Associate, International Institute for Sustainable Development and NAP Global Network

Angie Dazé has been an Associate with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)’s resilience program since 2014. Her work focuses on policy and practice related to climate change adaptation and resilience building. This includes analysis, guidance and technical support for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes through the NAP Global Network, whose Secretariat is hosted by IISD. She co-leads the Network’s work on gender-responsive NAP processes, including technical assistance to countries, analysis and development of practical tools for integrating gender considerations in NAP processes. In addition, Angie coordinates programs of technical support for the NAP processes in Ethiopia and South Africa.

Past projects include research and development of tools and guidance on different aspects of resilience, such as migration and conservation, ecosystem-based adaptation and the role of financial services in supporting climate risk management. She has extensive experience providing training and capacity building on adaptation, resilience, gender and related topics. Angie’s past work includes positions with CARE, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Natural Resources Canada.