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The World Bank Group

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United States

The World Bank Group works with countries, providing innovation, infrastructure and resources so that the food and agriculture sector:

  • is Climate-Smart: more productive and resilient in the face of climate change while reducing emissions, both for crops and livestock;
  • improves livelihoods and creates more and better jobs, including for women and youth;
  • boosts agribusiness by building inclusive and efficient value chains; and
  • improves food security and produces enough safe, nutritious food for everyone, everywhere, every day.

In 2019, there was US$ 5.4 billion in new IBRD/IDA commitments to agriculture and related sectors.  In 2019, 94 projects that were implemented helped provide 6.7 million farmers with agricultural assets and services.  3 million farmers adopted improved agricultural technology. Irrigation and drainage were improved on 730,000 hectares of agricultural land.

In 2019, 53% of the Bank’s agricultural investments are directly financing climate mitigation and adaptation measures, up from 28% just 4 years ago.

The International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) investments were US$ 4.5 billion. IFC financing goes to agribusiness, food companies, and banks. IFC also help clients improve productivity, climate-smart practices and food safety.