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PlaNet Guarantee

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Created in 2007, PlaNet Guarantee is the subsidiary of PlaNet Finance Group dedicated to the promotion and the development of microinsurance. PlaNet Guarantee is a social business, which aims at being a link between low income populations and insurers and reinsurers. The final goal is to develop a range of microinsurance products, as diversified as possible, and tailored to needs, as well as to implement microinsurance programs within MFIs and other distribution channels by operating know-how transfers. To achieve its objective, PlaNet Guarantee builds strong partnerships between the different stakeholders of microinsurance: operator, insurers, reinsurers, microfinance institutions and other microinsurance delivery channels, technical solutions providers, etc. These partnerships are essential as they bring in together the core expertise necessary to achieve PlaNet Guarantee’s primary goal: to provide sustainable and affordable microinsurance protection to low-income populations worldwide. PlaNet Guarantee organises its operations along two axes: Research & Development and Brokerage Activities. Research and Development: each context is specific, with an absolute need for a tailor-made solution. We work on elaborating innovative risk management tools, which respond to the specificities of each market. Once these tools are put in place, PlaNet Guarantee ensures the sustainability of the scheme through its brokerage activities. Brokerage Activities: as a broker, PlaNet Guarantee acts as an intermediary between insurance companies and final clients by managing the microinsurance scheme.