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Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation

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The Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) is a government owned and controlled corporation which implements the government’s agricultural insurance program.  PCIC is a part of the Department of Agriculture.

PCIC’s principal mandate is to provide insurance protection to farmers against losses arising from natural calamities, plant diseases and pest infestations of their palay and corn crops as well as other crops. The PCIC also provides protection against damage to/loss of non-crop agricultural assets including, but not limited to machineries, equipment, transport facilities and other related infrastructures due to peril/s insured against.

PCIC is committed to helping stabilize the income of agricultural producers and promote the flow of credit in the countryside by:
Providing insurance protection to qualified farmers and other agricultural stakeholders against losses of their crops, farm machineries and equipment, transport facilities and other related infrastructures arising from natural calamities, pest and diseases, and other perils beyond their effective control;and Extending innovative and client-responsive insurance packages, and other services thru POs  including farmers coops, agricultural lenders  and service providers.