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Near East-North Africa Rural & Agricultural Credit Association

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Middle East & North Africa
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NENARACA is a voluntary regional association of credit institutions and agencies in the Near East and North Africa Region that deal directly or indirectly with agricultural credit operations and development. NENARACA was established on 8th December 1977 in response to a growing need among the countries of the region and for fulfillment of the recommendations by the FAO 1975 World Conference on Credit for Farmers in Developing Countries for establishing Regional Credit Associations (RACAs).  NENARACA enjoys an autonomous financial and administrative status and legal entity.

Most specifically the main objectives of NENARACA are to:

  • Stimulate cooperation in the fields of planning and development of financial services for rural development.
  • Facilitate among its members systematic interchange of information and experiences.
  • Encourage studies and organize specialized symposia to discuss issues of common interest in work functions and policies.
  • Coordinate and organize training programs for upgrading agricultural credit and banking skills of the staff of member institutions.