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ESA EO4SD – Climate Resilience Cluster project

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The ESA EO4SD – Climate Resilience Cluster project – aims to provide insight about the potential of EO to support of climate-resilient decision making at the regional and national scale. In collaboration with several International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the project will develop an EO-based integrated climate screening and risk management service to help manage climate-related risks and capitalise on the opportunities that climate resilience can create. The solution will provide a quick, easy assessment of climate anomalies and rapid calculation of climate risk indicators, their historical evolution and associated extreme events.

The project aims to build capacity in IFI client states allowing stakeholders to autonomously use EO-based information for climate resilience decision making. In doing this, the project goes beyond offering a one-off solution but creates an enabling environment in which stakeholders will be able to use EO-based information sustainably and autonomously.