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Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing

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Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing (EARS) was founded in 1977 and is one of the oldest remote sensing companies in Europe. Our activities are carried out in two daughter companies:

EARS Earth Environment Monitoring B.V (EARS-E2M)

EARS-E2M operates an MSG receiving station, covering Europe and Africa, and is operationally receiving Meteosat-7 and FY2c satellite data over Asia. The company has developed the continental scale Energy and Water Balance Monitoring system (EWBMS) which produces daily agro- and hydro-meteorological data fields for these regions. The company has developed application sub-systems for Crop Yield Forecasting and Rainfall-runoff forecasting. Besides providing data, implementation projects are carried out in China and Mongolia. In addition E2M is experienced in fire, forest and photosynthesis monitoring.

EARS Plant Photosynthesis Monitoring B.V. (EARS-P2M)

EARS-P2M is carrying out our near sensing activities. These focus on the use of plant chlorophyll fluorescence signal for photosynthesis monitoring. Since 1983 we have carried out extensive research in the field of laser induced fluorescence. In the 1990’s we have developed and patented our own Plant Photosynthesis Meter (EARS-PPM). This handheld instrument is a modulated saturation pulse fluorometer. Applications have been and are developed in the field of greenhouse climate control, irrigation management and reduction of herbicide use in agriculture. Other measuring techniques, like high resolution spectrometry, and other applications,  like optimizing plant and algae growth, have our continuous attention.