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CelsiusPro AG

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CelsiusPro AG is a global weather risk management player that specializes in industrializing index insurance solutions to mitigate the effects of adverse weather, climate change and natural catastrophes. Founded in 2008, the company aims to:

• increase resilience against NatCat and weather events,
• combine risk management with data science,
• simplify, digitalize and automate the risk management process.

CelsiusPro AG has a history of structuring and distributing weather solutions via its proprietary platform. CelsiusPro offers a large number of standardized contracts and fully customized solutions on weather parameters such as precipitation, temperature, snow, sun hours and wind.

Customizing weather hedges across all weather dependent industries leverages structuring expertise. Data from official weather stations is used for weather products for price calculations, contract specifications and payout conditions; currently over 2500 weather stations across the globe are available. The internet-based weather platform allows efficient execution (price calculation and purchase), reporting and settlement for multi-stakeholder schemes.