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AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies mandated by farmers’ organisations. It was set up early 2002, after a 5-year period of gestation. Agri-agencies, future members of AgriCord started contacting each other and exchanging experiences in 1997. First meetings took place in Arnhem (Netherlands) and in Oslo (Norway), initiated by Agriterra and by NorgesVel, the Norwegian Royal Society for Development.

In the beginning of 2003, eight agri-agencies formally created AGRICORD: AFDI (France), AGRITERRA (Netherlands), DAC (Denmark), IDACA (Japan), IVA (Belgium), FERT (France), NORGES VEL (Norway) and UPA-DI (Canada). In May 2004, SCC (Sweden) joined AgriCord. Later on, others followed: CSA (Belgium) in 2010, and two organisations from non-OECD countries, one from the Asian region, AsiaDHRRA (agri-agency for AFA, Asian Farmers’ Association) and one from Senegal, Asprodeb (agri-agency for a large group of Senegalese farmers’ organisations), joined the alliance in 2011.

Since 2007 AgriCord implements the Farmers Fighting Poverty Programme. Over 200 farmers’ organisations per year are supported in more than 50 developing countries. Farmers FIghting Poverty is a delivery mechanism established in 2007 by which support is provided to farmers’ organisations.