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Module 11: Managing Agricultural Risk, Vulnerability, and Disaster

This module contains a general overview of World Bank investment activities in agricultural risk management in […]

Seed Cotton Market Structure and Cotton Sector Performance: Many Lessons but No Fixed Prescriptions

This Policy Brief summarizes evidence reported in a recent study on the links between seed cotton […]

Perspectives on Agricultural Marketing in 2008: Voices from the Rural Areas

This flash presents the perspectives of economic agents active in agricultural marketing of the 2007/2008 crop […]

Risk Management Challenges in Rural Financial Markets: Blending Risk Management Innovations with Rural Finance

Small rural finance entities (RFEs) are simply not capable of pooling and managing correlated risk on […]

Insuring Against Bad Weather: Recent Thinking

This comprehensive research document reviews policy options available to governments in its objective of protecting rural […]

The Potential of Weather Index Insurance for Spurring a Green Revolution in Africa

This paper focuses on the potential of index-based weather insurance products contributing to a green revolution […]

Using NGOs to Advance Microinsurance for Weather Risks Among the Rural Poor

A presentation on the capacities in which NGOs can help to advance access to micro-insurance against […]

Challenges for Use of Index-Based Weather Insurance in Lower-Income Countries

This overview document provides a perspective on the progress and challenges associated with index-based risk transfer […]

ENSO Business Interruption Index Insurance for Catastrophic Flooding in Piura, Peru

This concept note describes an innovative risk transfer product being introduced by La Positiva (a Peruvian […]

CIAT’s Strategic Directions: Eco-efficient agriculture for the poor

This document describes the strategic directions that will guide CIAT’s work in the coming years. They […]