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World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan 2010-2012

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Robert Townsend, Martien van Nieuwkoop, Francois Le Gall , Norman Piccioni, Melissa Williams, Marie-Helene Collion, Yurie Tanimichi, Matthias Grueninger, Julian Lampietti, Steven Schonberger, Iain Shuker, Christopher Delgado, Sanjiva Cooke, Harry Palmier, Susanne Scheierling, Don Larson, Joyce Msuya
The World Bank

The World Bank Group has made a renewed commitment to agriculture: This document presents the World Bank Group’s Agriculture Action Plan, FY2010–2012. It follows on from the World Bank agriculture and rural development strategy: Reaching the Rural Poor 2003–2007, and operationalizes the World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development. Consistent with client demand, the Agriculture Action Plan outlines the new phase of the World Bank Group’s commitment to support client countries improve agriculture’s contribution to food security, raising the incomes of the poor, facilitating economic transformation, and providing environmental services. This new World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan (FY2010–2012) projects an increase in support (from IDA, IBRD, and IFC) to agriculture and related sectors from a baseline average support in FY2006–2008 of $4.1 billion annually to between $6.2 and $8.3 billion annually over the next three years. This would be between 13 and 17 percent of total projected World Bank commitments. Reaching these projections will, among other factors, be dependent on continued strong client demand to borrow IBRD resources and to use IDA concessional fi nancing for agricultural development.