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The potential size of the Ghanian domestic market for instant fufu

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Market / Trade
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Collinson, C.; Gallat, S.; Johnson, P.
NRI, UK & FRI, Ghana

In seeking evidence of the need for further research on industrially manufactured cassava-based staple food products, the potential size of the Ghanaian domestic market for instant fufu powder was estimated. Methodological difficulties and data inconsistencies restricted the accuracy of the estimate. However, using sensitivity analysis, it was estimated that a
range of 1,000 to 17,100 metric tonnes in which the true annual potential demand for instant fufu powder probably lies. Even the lower limit would represent a substantial new opportunity for Ghanaian food manufacturers, albeit one that would not be easy to exploit (in particular, manufacturing costs would have to be reduced substantially and promotional
campaigns would have to be pursued vigorously).

The estimated range translates to a 2,000 to 34,200 metric tonne derived demand for fresh cassava roots (approximately 0.8% to 13.2% of total trade) and a substantial demand for plantain, all of which could be supplied by Ghanaian farmers. Although the potential demand for other manufactured cassava-based staple foods is currently unquantified, it is likely that farmers would enjoy substantial added benefits if these markets could be exploited.

All analysis in this report relates specifically to the domestic market for instant fufu. The export market has been exploited to a much greater extent but almost certainly still holds considerable potential.