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Climate-Smart Agriculture: Sourcebook

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Climate / Weather / Environment
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Risk assessment
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Fisheries & Aquaculture
Climate Smart Agriculture

The purpose of the sourcebook is to elaborate the concept of climate-smart agriculture, demonstrate its potential as well as limitations and facilitate decision makers’ at a number of levels (including political actors and natural resource managers) to understand how different options for planning, policies, investments and practices are available and suitable for transforming different agricultural sectors, landscapes and food systems into CSA. The sourcebook shows how CSA could be achieved, and what it would take to achieve it. It further analyzes existing solutions and barriers and demonstrates how they could be used to promote the uptake of CSA.

This sourcebook aims to be a useful reference for planners, practitioners and policy makersworking in agriculture, forestry and fisheries at national and sub-national levels. It is assumed that the audience may have little prior knowledge of climate change related assessments, processes and expected impacts, but needs to understand how measures for adaptation and mitigation of climate change can be integrated with development policies to promote in the development of resilient ecosystems, food security and sustainable livelihoods. Private sector involvement is also considered in the sourcebook.

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