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RIU Practice Note “Lessons for Outscaling and Upscaling from DFID RNRRS Studies and Research”

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Working Papers & Briefs
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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
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Gender / Youth / Social Inclusion

This document consists of a series of short syntheses which bring together key lessons for up-scaling and out-scaling research based on 19 key reviews, summaries and reports detailing DFID natural resources research. Each synthesis provides background information and key points, while the lessons learned are illustrated using examples and case studies.

Following an introduction discussing why lessons learned from the Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy are important for out-scaling and up-scaling, the individual lessons learned are presented under the following themes:


Research management
1. Lessons from Innovation Systems: Concepts, Approaches and Lessons
2. Lessons from Managing Agricultural Research for Poverty Alleviation
3. Lessons from Rates of Return to Research
4. Lessons from Monitoring and Evaluation
5. Lessons from Participatory Research Approaches
6. Lessons from Fisheries and Poverty Reduction
7. Lessons from Common Pool Resources: Management for Equitable and Sustainable Use

Policy and governance
8. Lessons from Linking Research, Policy and Livelihoods
9. Lessons from Understanding Policy Processes
10. Lessons from Effective Policy Advocacy
11. Lessons from Fisheries and Economic Growth
12. Lessons from Fisheries and Governance
13. Lessons from Signposts to More Effective States: Think and Operate Politically

14. Lessons from Communication for Research Uptake Promotion

Capacity building
15. Lessons from Capacity Development

16. Lessons from Gender and the DFID Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy

Case studies
17. Lessons from Pro-Poor Seed Systems in East Africa
18. Lessons from Plant Breeder and Farmer Partnerships

Poverty mapping
19. Lessons from Poverty Measurement, Mapping and Analysis


The whole document and the individual chapters are available for download: click ‘view documents’ above.