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PETRRA – an experiment in pro-poor agricultural research. Book 3/10: PETRRA Policy Briefs

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Asia and the Pacific
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Capacity Development
Magor, N. P.; Salahuddin, A.; Haque, M.; Biswas, T. K.; Bannerman, M.

Under PETRRA there were 45 sub-projects (SPs) commissioned for technology development, uptake methods research and policy research. This is one of a series of 10 books on the PETRRA programme.

Book 3 comprises 12 policy briefs:

  • From technology to livelihoods
  • Technology, entitlements and freedom of choice
  • Pathways from poverty: household level processes of graduation
  • Promoting rural non-farm economy of Bangladesh
  • From technologies and enterprises to more sustainable livelihoods
  • Mapping poverty of rural Bangladesh:implication of pro-poor development
  • Nature and impacts of women’s participation in economic activities in rural Bangladesh
  • Rice seed delivery system and seed policy in Bangladesh
  • Rice research and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh
  • Liberalisation of the crop Sector: can Bangladesh withstand regional competition?
  • Biotechnology for rice improvement
  • Enhancing rural livelihoods need not cost the earth