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Participatory breeding of superior, mosaic disease-resistant cassava: enhancing uptake

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Health & Diseases
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Biological & environmental
Gibson, R.

This report presents findings from a research project on improving farmers’ access to a diversity of superior, disease-resistant cassava clones appropriate to the needs of farmers and other end-users. Trials of 35 cassava accessions selected by a collaborative process between scientists and farmers had been conducted in nine different sites in the Forest and Forest Savannah Transition Zones of Ghana. Disease incidences and yields in these trials have been recorded and collated. Further trials of 12 accessions selected from these 35 have been planted; these included trials on 2 cassava processors farms planned both as a means of assessing the value of these accessions for the processing industry and as a tool for alerting processors to the opportunities new varieties can provide them. Three of these 12 accessions have been identified as ‘front runners’ for variety release based on their yield, disease resistance and farmers’ preference. These have been planted more extensively in inspection sites for the Variety Release Committee and to provide planting material in anticipation of their official release.