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Live Talk 01 – Integrating Gender Responsive Strategies into Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions

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Event Reports
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Gender / Youth / Social Inclusion
Rural Finance / Insurance
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Risk transfer
InsuResilience Global Partnership
InsuResilience Global Partnership, Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D)

The InsuResilience Global Partnership in collaboration with FARM-D, organised a webinar on June 3rd 2020 to further disseminate the findings of a recent study commissioned by the InsuResilience Secretariat, “Integrating Gender Considerations into Different Models of Climate Risk Insurance (CRI)” as part of the Live Talk Series on “Gender and Climate Risk Finance”. This report collects the key insights discussed during the LIVE TALK 01 on current efforts undertaken by various stakeholder to incorporate gender-responsive approaches to climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI) activities. The LIVE TALK was the first session to a series of webinar and lays the foundation for subsequent sessions that will allow deep dives into key issues related to gender and CDRFI.