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Know-how boosts cottage industries in tropicalfruit. Validated RNRRS Output.

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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Market / Trade
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Managerial & operational

This is one of 280 summaries describing key outputs from the projects run by DFID’s 10-year Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS) programmes.

Summary for Project titles: R7187: Fruits for the Future: Promoting selected tropical fruit trees and R8399: Improved livelihoods through the development of small-scale fruit processing enterprises in Asia.

Some successful small entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka have doubled their incomes by processing and marketing tropical fruits. Previously, they just didn’t have the know-how. Now, villagers in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Sri Lanka use posters and fact sheets in local languages to learn how to preserve, pack and market fruits. Asia, Africa and Latin America are home to many edible tree fruits. But, they’re mostly eaten straight off the tree or sold in the markets nearby, especially the less common varieties. This is changing as people learn to juice, dry, preserve and pickle fruit to add value and prolong shelf life. Learning how the market economy works and how and where to sell their products also helps.

The CD has the following information for this output: Description, Validation, Current Situation, Current Promotion, Impacts On Poverty, Environmental Impact. Attached PDF (10 pp.) taken from the CD.