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Key success factors in strengthening the capacity to manage risks at farm level: emerging lessons learned

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Working Papers & Briefs
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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Knowledge Management
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Biological & environmental
Weather & Climate related
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Risk reduction/mitigation
Fisheries & Aquaculture

This publication explores the top key success factors for capacity development at the farm level. It presents case studies from 11 initiatives, and further elaborate on opportunities and challenges for stakeholders in designing, implementing and enhancing sustainability and adoption of ARM knowledge delivered in CD activities. The publication builds on discussions at theĀ PARM K-sharing event in Lusaka, December 2018.

Among the key factors identified and discussed in this publication includes: i) ensuring CD4ARM implementation within an institutionalized holistic ARM in government (including a state or national and local government levels) and at civil society levels; ii) engaging with the private sector; iii) responsive and responsible partnership; and iv) long-term funding for CD activities. Other important factors include the availability of key resource persons required for training farmers, and the need to ensure that the training needs of farmers are properly identified and well-integrated in the design of CD activities.