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Kenya Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Project Multi-Stakeholder Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, 8-9 July 2008


This workshop was held to introduce the HPAI Risk Reduction project to the stakeholders; present and discuss the main findings of the Kenya HPAI background paper; identify the major knowledge gaps to help design targeted research projects; and, map the institutional structures and value networks of poultry. The workshop was attended by public and private sector stakeholders in the poultry industry in Kenya comprising members of the National Task Force on Avian Influenza and other key stakeholders.

Documents attached include the Agenda, List of participants, Meeting report, and presentations from the meeting. Presentations are as follows:

DFID-Funded Collaborative HPAI Research Project for Asia and Africa. By D. Roy and M. Tiongco

Kenya HPAI Reduction Background Paper. By J. Omiti

Strengthening Preparedness, Prevention and Control Against HPAI and Other Priority Livestock Diseases in Africa. By S. Wakhusama

Kenyan Poultry Sector and Its HPAI Status. By O. S. Okuthe

The Support Programme for Integrated National Action Plans on Avian and Human Influenza (SPINAP-AHI).

Socio-economic Activities on HPAI in Eastern Africa within FAO-ECTAD. By N. de Haan

HPAI Stakeholder Mapping Using Social Network Analysis. By M. Tiongco and S. Nzietchueng