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Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Means of Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Kwamusi, P.; Kaira, C.K.

Rural transport has been identified as a major problem for poor farmers in Uganda. The Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture which is one of government key economic reforms that is aimed at increased agricultural production, acknowledges that the questions around the transportation of agricultural inputs and produce marketing and how its improvements benefit the poor and contribute towards poverty eradication should be high on the priority. The Improved Food Crop Marketing through Appropriate Transport for Poor Farmers in Uganda project was about how to manage successfully the introduction of Intermediate Means of Transport (IMTs) to poor farmers. It was an action research project on introducing and validating IMTs in three districts of Kasese, Katakwi and Iganga districts. A credit system for IMTs was created and indicators to show impact and quality of the credit system were designed to look at lessons to learn from the process during the project duration. The project process involved understanding further the farmers’ response on the introduction of IMTs towards their livelihood. One way of understanding this is by closely monitoring this process through quarterly meetings of project partners sharing experiences.