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Influence of supplementation with dietary soyabean meal on resistance to haemonchosis in Hampshire down lambs

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Bairden, K.; Duncan, J.L.; Fishwick, G.; Gill, M.; Holmes, P.H.; Mckellar, Q.A.; Murray, M.; Parkins, J.J.; Stear, M.J.; Wallace, D.S.

The influence of dietary protein supplementation on resistance to haemonchosis was examined in Hampshire down lambs fed either a basal diet or a diet supplemented with soyabean. At seven months of age the lambs were challenged with an initial loading dose of Haemonchus contortus, followed by a trickle infection three times a week. Blood and faecal samples were collected three times a week and bodyweights were recorded weekly. After 10 weeks the lambs were slaughtered and their worm burdens and carcase composition determined. Although their mean worm burdens were similar, the lambs given the basal diet had higher faecal egg counts, lower packed red cell volumes and lower concentrations of total plasma protein and plasma albumin than the lambs given the supplemented diet. The dietary supplementation also improved the carcase composition of the lambs.