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Increasing the productivity of smallholder owned goats in Acacia thornveld. 1. Goat feeding strategies. In: Proceedings of 3rd Livestock Production Workshop in Ingwe Lodge, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 26-28 September 2000. Smith, T. and Richards, J.I. (Eds.). N

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Articles & Journals
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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Smith, T.; Owen, E.; Mueller-Harvey, I.; Mlambo, V.; Sikosana, J.L.N.

The current status of goat production and farmers’ attitudes to feeding them acacia and other pods has been established. Variability in the annual production of pods, both species and quantity, was observed and will be noted for the duration of the project. Locally favoured species of pods are often decided by availability. The reasons for differences in animal performance attributable to pod species need investigating, as do methods of overcoming these constraints.