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Inception Workshop on Pro-Poor HPAI Risk Reduction Project in Africa and Southeast Asia

Narrod, C.; Epprecht, M.; Roland-Holst, D.; Ifft, J.; Zilberman, D.; Heft-Neal, S.; Suon Seng

Session IV of the Inception Workshop included 7 presentations as follows:

Overview presentation – Research directed at understanding economic and livelihood consequences of HPAI on the poor. By C. Narrod

Poverty distribution and sources of income in Viet Nam. By M. Epprecht.

HPAI Control from a Demand-side Perspective. By D. Roland-Holst

Impact of HPAI on rural livelihoods in Cambodia: Differentiation by gender and socio-economic categories. By Suon Seng

Certification, traceability, and economic incentives for HPAI control. By J. Ifft

Market uncertainty and animal health. By D. Zilberman

Sustainable smallholder participation in Thai livestock markets. By S. Heft-Neal and D. Roland-Holst