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Impact of climate change on crop productivity in Western Ghats, coastal and northeastern regions of India

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Kumar, S.N.; Aggarwal, P.K.; Swaroopa Rani; Surabhi Jain; Rani Saxena; Nitin Chauhan

Assessment on impact of climate change on major crops in ecologically sensitive areas, viz. the Western Ghats (WG), coastal districts and northeastern (NE) states of India, using InfoCrop simulation model, projected varying impacts depending on location, climate, projected climate scenario, type of crop and its management. Irrigated rice and potato in the NE region, rice in the eastern coastal region and coconut in the WG are likely to gain. Irrigated maize, wheat and mustard in the NE and coastal regions, and rice, sorghum and maize in the WG may lose. Adaptation strategies such as change in variety and altered agronomy can, however, offset the impacts of climate change.