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How to carry out a rapid diagnostic for agricultural and climate risk insurance: Who to talk to, what questions to ask, and why

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Rural Finance / Insurance

INSURED has developed this tool for use during the design phase of rural development projects in which agricultural and climate risk insurance may play a supporting role. Rapid diagnostics can also be carried out during implementation, although this is not optimal. This tool is for the professional or team carrying out the rapid diagnostic and is intended as a reference particularly for those who are not experts in agricultural insurance. It outlines information to be gathered; identifies stakeholders, clustered under three main focus areas (supply, demand, enabling environment); and includes lists of guiding questions.

Questions should be selected taking account of the time available and the purpose of the diagnostic. It will not be possible or useful to ask all the questions. A rapid diagnostic carried out along the lines proposed will show how conducive the market and policy environment is to the development of insurance-related initiatives, and lay firm foundations for integrating insurance activities into project design and implementation measures.