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Guyana Rice Supply Chain Risk Assessment: February 2011

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Latin America & the Caribbean
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
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Logistical & infrastructural
Managerial & operational
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Risk assessment
Agriculture Risk Management Team
The World Bank

At the request of the MoA, the GoG, and the GRDB, the World Bank conducted a rice supply chain risk assessment in Guyana. This report is the outcome of that assessment and is intended as an advisory note to the MoA and GRDB to enable them to identify a strategy and potential public investments to improve current risk-management practices in the rice supply chain.

This report identifies the major risks facing the rice supply chain, ranks them in terms of their potential impact and frequency, and offers a framework for improving current risk-management practices. The recommendations and findings will provide a basis for follow-up planning work by the GoG, the World Bank, and other development partners.

The findings and analysis of this initial assessment are based on a methodology designed by the Agricultural Risk Management Team (ARMT) for assessing risks in agricultural supply chains. The assessment team followed the following sequences of activities (figure 1) while conducting the assessment.