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FAO Global Food Price Monitor October 2011

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

This edition’s highlights include:

  • In Eastern Africa, cereal prices generally fell for the second consecutive month, but they remained two to four times higher than a year ago reflecting reduced harvests and high fuel prices.
  • In Western Africa, prices of millet and sorghum continued at generally low levels, despite increases in some countries due to delayed crop seasons.
  • In Southern Africa, maize prices are seasonally rising but still low, except in South Africa where they reached record highs.
  • In Far East Asia, domestic rice prices strengthened or remainedm steady in most countries reflecting increased international prices. Wheat quotations were stable in September and around their levels of a year ago.
  • In CIS countries, wheat and wheat flour prices are decreasing following the 2011 overall good harvests and lower export prices in the subregion.
  • In Central America, maize prices fell in September with progress of the 2011main harvest but were still well above their levels of a year earlier. Prices of beans fell and were below those of September 2010.
  • In South America, maize and wheat flour prices remained generally stable and high due to sustained domestic demand and trends in international markets.
  • Rice prices continue to decline with this year’s good productions.