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Extending the control of cassava mosaic disease and cassava whiteflies in East Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Knowledge Management
Gibson, R.

This is a report from a project that addressed the need to disseminate knowledge on how to control cassava mosaic disease (CMD) in NW Tanzania, in part as a testing and learning exercise as well as a means of alleviating the current hardship caused by the CMD pandemic there. The project has continued its previous approach of working closely with other actors in development, particularly NGOs, the project providing staff time, training materials and starter amounts of planting material of CMD-resistant varieties so as to enable their extension staff to assist farmers. This has allowed an expansion of geographical coverage to include parts of Kigoma region as well as Kagera. In addition to leaflets describing control measures, small numbers of an in-depth guide for extension officers have been produced and distributed. The main control measure remains the use of CMD-resistant varieties. The project has also worked directly with farmer field schools, providing additional training and final graduation. An impact assessment has been done in the communities, in which these schools occur, assessing impact on both members and non-members. Members had better knowledge of CMD than non-members and more frequently put appropriate control practices into practices, but there were still considerable shortages of planting material of resistant varieties. Some non-members also felt excluded from membership of the group; that this occurred seemed an issue that needs addressing.