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Exploring marketing opportunities through a research, industry and users coalition: sorghum poultry feed

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Working Papers & Briefs
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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Market / Trade
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Risk assessment
Reddy, B.V.S.; Rao, P.P.

A Steering Committee chaired by the representative from the feed industry (Janaki Feeds) was formulated to closely monitor all aspects of PFTs and the buying-in of the results by the poultry industry. During one of the review and planning workshops held at ICRISAT, Janaki Feeds indicated the need for conducting some additional PFTs, which is more useful for the poultry industry. Based on the perceptions of poultry producers and recommendations of Steering Committee, ANGRAU completed the feed trial i.e. part-by-part replacement of maize with sorghum. To improve the skin and shank the color of birds and yolk color of eggs, Stylo was also included in one of the treatments. Conducting this additional part-by-part replacement trial as a result of rigorous discussions and continuous electronic media dialogue between the coalition partners that underpins the importance of coalition building and partnership projects. The trial results were disseminated to a larger group of poultry producers/feed manufacturers through stakeholders’ mini-workshops, which received wide acceptance.