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Coping with drought in rice farming in Asia: insights from a cross‐country comparative study

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Risk coping
Sushil Pandey Humnath Bhandari Shijun Ding Preeda Prapertchob Ramesh Sharan Dibakar Naik Sudhir K. Taunk Asras Sastri

The present paper summarizes the findings of a research study that sought to fill the knowledge gap regarding the effects of drought in subhumid rice-producing areas. In addition to estimating the economic costs of drought in major rice-producing countries of Asia, it documented farmers’ risk-coping mechanisms. Farmers in these countries use a variety of coping strategies to deal with the consequences of drought, including careful choice of cropping patterns, rice varieties, planting methods and crop management practices. The study also identified possible technological and policy interventions for effective drought management.

The International Rice Research Institute, which undertook the research, is collaborating with IFAD on a programme for technology development for rice in upland areas of Asia. We believe that the findings and recommendations will be of interest to policy makers, development practitioners, donors, academics and civil society