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Differences in cloning and sub-cloning success rates in four stocks of Trypanosoma evansi and variation in suramin resistance of the clones

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Boid, R.; Luckins, A.G.; Mutugi, M.W.

Four Trypanosoma evansi stocks with sensitivity to suramin in mice ranging from 0.05 to 160 mg kg-1 were cloned and sub-cloned and the sensitivity of the clones determined. The results suggest that it is easier to clone and sub-clone trypanosome stocks which are sensitive to suramin than those that are resistant to the action of the drug. The clones obtained from the four stocks had sensitivities to suramin which were similar to or different from the parent stocks. These results are important in view of the development of resistance for, in the presence of suramin, these resistant yet heterogeneous populations would provide the material from which selective processes could operate. These observations also suggest that the maintenance and spread of suramin-resistant trypanosomes might be curtailed by their comparative inability to establish themselves in a new host.