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Developing Tilapia Aquaculture in Haiti, Opportunities, Constraints, and Action Items

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John A. Hargreaves
Novus International, Aquaculture without Frontiers, World Aquaculture Society, Marine Biological Laboratory

After the devastating earthquake in 2010, informal discussions were held about potential forms of a post-crisis engagement with the part of the recovery and redevelopment process that involved aquaculture. This document represents the synthesis of discussions held at a consultative meeting organized and supported by Novus International, the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Aquaculture without Frontiers, and the World Aquaculture Society. Around 50 representatives participated in a one-day facilitated meeting in New Orleans, LA, in February, 2011.

The workshop brought together three groups interested in earthquake recovery and aquaculture development of the country: 1) Haitians working on the ground, including hatchery operators, tilapia growers, government officials, individuals and groups implementing projects for NGOs, and entrepreneurs; 2) generalists working for small to large, usually faith-based NGOs with a diverse portfolio of activities, including but not emphasizing small-scale aquaculture; 3) experienced scientists and commercial practitioners representing best practices and collective wisdom. To provide context, presentations were made about the current situation with aquaculture in Haiti. Then the group identified and discussed 1) models with the best potential for commercial development, 2) regions with the most suitable sites for ponds, 3) opportunities and constraints to aquaculture development, and 4) prioritized items for action.

The intent of this white paper is to summarize the proceedings of the workshop to provide guidance for decision-makers in business, government, and the NGO community. This document can bring focus to efforts to overcome the main impediments to the development of a cultured tilapia value chain in Haiti, with emphasis on feed, seed, and technology transfer.

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